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One day you decide to pursue your dreams without caring whether or not is the right time, you just do it. Ecoology was born.

After working for several years in various companies in the fashion industry you realize what you want and what you don’t want, of what your values are and the things that matter to you. When you create something from the ground you want to do well. Ecoology is design and ecology in a single garment.

Fashion yeah, but eco.

The road is not easy, but we must try, we believe in a respectful world towards the environment and all living beings. We work with natural, organic and recycled fabrics and we place great emphasis on the designs, patterns and finishes.
We love well-made clothes, made in limited edition with genuine designs that want to last in your wardrobe for several years.
Using this type of woven we contribute to the eco consciousness. Every great journey begins by a small step. Eco green clothing can also be cool and fun.

Ecoology’s fashion collections are made for fashion loving sensitive humans who know who they are and how they fit in this world. We want to feel good in their clothes, and this is the message we transmit in our designs. We like to wear clothes that are different, which is why we decided to make very few garments of each model. Both the fabric and the exclusiveness will make you feel you are wearing something very special.

Ecoology is green, digital and design. We focus on selective distribution and online media for our sales and to expand our business worldwide. We produce mostly in Barcelona, so we control what we do and encourage textile work in our area. Organic fabrics are much better and more expensive but do not want to pay more for it, just want you to enjoy more quality at the best price.

We love earth! Be cool, be green.

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